Judith does need to get out more and so if you want to book her for a talk you'll find she has a decent 40 minutes up her sleeve of TV, grumpy material and generally fascinating bits and bobs... she has spoken to huge audiences of more than 700 at Cheltenham and Ilkley Book Festivals, spoken at the Cambridge Union, as well as having done a great deal of live radio, live breakfast time and other TV. Think of her talks as a group hug for women over 50 with lockable Tupperware and a wicked sense of humour. You can book her via The Speaker's Agency, c/o Jennie Storr on 01522 522620 or jennie.storr@ntlworld.com

As the everywoman in Grumpy Old Women she has appeared on screen in character a great deal- doing everything from waxing her moustache to lying on a sunlounger next to her teenage daughter- all of which seemed like such a good idea at the time.

She has been talking to a lot of appreciative audiences around the UK this year with a talk titled GREY PRIDE which taps into the research she has done at the University of Oxford on how our attitudes to ageing need to change as well as some comedy material that she found under the sofa. Sometimes she sells books at the end of it, and sometimes she has known to accept cake.

She's also blogging under the title greypride.org when gets a minute... See some of it here...