Judith Holder wrote and produced Grumpy Old Women for BBC TWO, as well as playing the everywoman on screen . She has written the two best selling Grumpy Old Women books that followed - The Official Handbook, and The Secret Diary of a Grumpy Old Woman- both out in paperback and also out as audio books - one narrated by Alison Steadman. She went on to write Grumpy Old Holidays, and Grumpy Old Couples (co written with Jenny Eclair). In Christmas 08 Judith co-wrote again with Jenny Eclair Wendy the Bumper Book of fun for Women of a Certain Age - a parody of a Christmas annual.

She wrote It's (not) Grim Up North based on the TV series for BBC 2 that she produced which is a funny book about how the North is now more likely to be full of porsches than lardy cakes. In March 2012 she wrote Mum in a Million- a light-hearted look at motherhood.

Judith has written four stage shows with Jenny Eclair - the first one called Grumpy Old Women Live did 3 regional tours, a spell in the West End, an Australian tour, and has been performed in Iceland and Sweden... which makes her officially big in Scandinavia... It was also released on dvd Christmas 2008. The second stage show she wrote with Jenny called Chin Up Britain completed two sell out UK tours as well as touring Australia and New Zealand

The third show 50 Shades of Beige, also toured extensively in the UK, Australia and New Zealand

The fourth GRUMPY OLD WOMEN TO THE RESCUE opens soon and will do a 47 date tour of the UK in April 2017.

Judith has also begun travel writing and her adventures with a wheel-along case and more hair products than are strictly decent can be found on Silver Travel Advisor as well as in Standard Issue. These days Judith is working on a book about ageing which is both entertaining and useful. In order to do this she has recently completed a Visiting Research Fellowship at the University of Oxford's Institute of Population Ageing. Which makes her officially cleverer than she thought.